And we’re off… post #1!

Greetings and welcome to Wallet Sense – “Common sense for your wallet and your life.”

Right off the bat, I will admit that I have been debating starting a blog for a while. After all, everyone and their cousin already has a blog, so who the heck wants to read another one from me (plus, who really takes advice from their cousin)?  Well, I am hoping that someone does… so please help protect my delicate insecurities and hang around a bit!

This blog will address a wide variety of topics, but all posts will be focused on the application of common sense and tried and true principals to the personal finance and everyday life in an effort to help readers save money, build wealth, and hopefully find contentment in their lives – pretty reasonable stuff right?  Even more than that, this blog is about learning… and learning (as we all should know) is a two-way street.  I hope to learn as much (if not more) from you than you do from me.

Specifically, this blog will address topics such as making budgets, job hunting, mortgages, dealing with failure, life insurance, emergency funds, student loans, negotiating raises, eliminating debt, traveling on a budget, healthcare, goal setting, marriage, child expenses, saving money on groceries, buying cars, starting a business, etc.  If you are interested in learning and discussing any of these types of topics, this blog is for you.

This blog is not about statistical analysis, complex financial modeling, different ways to steal cable from your neighbor, juggling credit cards, analyzing the latest stock market trends, how to make a million dollars in 24 hrs, alternative investment classes, how to buy houses you can’t afford, financing furniture at 0% interest for 24 months, or how to spend your child’s college fund on a Porsche (although in this particular case I could certainly understand the motivation… big car guy here.)  If you are interested in learned and discussing any of these types of topics (with maybe the exception of cars… always happy to talk about that), this blog is NOT for you.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I wholeheartedly admit that I don’t have a masters degree or a professional designation that particularly qualify me to speak on financial matters in any great detail (unless you count a liberal arts degree as an acceptable accreditation that makes me uniquely qualified to speak on all subjects? … doubtful).  Unfortunately, I am also not a member of MENSA. Nor have I ever worked at Goldman Sachs.  My last name is definitely not Schwab, Morgan, Gates, Jobs, etc.  I don’t get paid to give lectures.  And I don’t live in a mansion.  Sorry if this disappoints anyone, but then again that is why this blog is focused on common sense and wisdom and not outlining/detailing concepts found embedded deep within graduate-level text books (thick ones).

I am actually a pretty normal everyday guy.  I have a normal everyday job.  I am married and have a wife who works a normal everyday job.  I have a 6 mo. old daughter that is lazy and unemployed (let me know if anyone knows of any good internship opportunities).  I live in a normal place.  I have worked different types of jobs in different industries (all sales oriented).  I have suffered major setbacks.  I have always learned lessons the hard way.  I have persevered.  My desire to constantly gain knowledge, my ability to learn from my mistakes, and the trial and error challenges and successes I’ve encountered in my life are what make me qualified to speak on the topics mentioned in this blog.  In short, I will never post on anything of which I am not directly familiar.

This blog will require participation.  This participation will be in the form of posts by myself, occasional posts from guests (some of which do hold specialty degrees and professional designations), and fI am not a pastor, I am not an elected official, and as I already pointed out, I don’t get paid to speak to large groups of people (come to think of it, I won’t get paid to write any of this stuff either).  Point being, I am not here to lecture.  I am here to share my thoughts, to provide a platform for you to share your thoughts (whether you agree or disagree), and to interact with other regrading their thoughts.  My only requirement here is that if you choose to participate, please keep profanity, blatant disrespect, etc. out of your comments (mean people suck).

So to recap, this blog is about:

  1. Applying common sense and simple, proven principals to help your wallet and your life
  2. Mutual learning
  3. Respectful participation

That’s pretty much it.  I will post several times a week on what I hope are interesting topics.  I look forward to hearing your feedback.  Feel free to email me with any suggestions or feedback at



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